Ministerial Conference of the WTO 10th

15/12 days, ministers of member countries to the World Trade Organization WTO began meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Speaking at a press conference opening session, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Amina Mohamed of Kenya, who chaired the WTO Ministerial Conference 10th, mentioned the ability of WTO members will have to decide to quit WTO negotiating power if not reach a trade agreement before the end package Conference. According to Ms. Mohamed, member states are simultaneously voiced that negotiating function of this organization is in trouble; WTO ministers will have to find a new way of negotiating or remove content from the WTO negotiations, the WTO will then focus on dispute settlement, trade policy review and other issues.

Speaking at a press conference earlier, WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo said that the WTO is undergoing a fundamental change, and it takes 18 years to achieve the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA) at the Ministerial Conference 9th Mr. Azevedo also said that at this meeting is more likely the member states reach agreement on the information technology agreement to expand. According to Azevedo, is still likely to achieve trade agreements and the package is the Declaration of the Ministers at this meeting if the negotiator expressed flexibility and willing to negotiate and compromise.

Both the host country Kenya and the Director-General hopes th Ministerial Conference will be 10 WTO Ministerial Declaration. However, officials and observers are skeptical about the results of the Conference due to differences in opinion in matters of agriculture, which has a special defense mechanism (SSM) and the storage problem serving food plus food security. Agricultural importing countries such as India and Indonesia to boost reserves SSM and issues of food security, but faced opposition from agricultural exporting countries such as Brazil and Argentina. The developed members such as the US, EU and Japan have called for ending Doha Round; while the developing countries including China wishes to achieve clear wording on the continuation of the Doha Round under the current structure nay./.

(Source: US DSQVN)


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