Prime Minister to General Group CEO Google

On 22/12, at headquarters and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received the General CEO Google Group (USA) Sundar Pichai was visiting and working in Vietnam.

Sundar Pichai welcomed his visit and work in Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung praised names, Google's global brand, especially Google's contribution to the dissemination of knowledge, improving access information and education to the people in the world, contributing to the development of individuals as well as nations.

The Prime Minister said that with a population of about 93 million people, Vietnam is a country with a young population and the population is in the period of gold, of which 52% of the population has access to the Internet and most of them use Google search engine. Besides, Vietnam has a market economy, deepening integration, economic relations, trade, investment, with most economies in the world, with favorable policies to encourage development Internet industry and information technology. Therefore, the Government of Vietnam will continue to create favorable conditions for the information technology group of the world's largest, including Google investment, expanding operations in Vietnam, also wants Google support and expanding cooperation with partners in Vietnam.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister also suggested that Google in collaboration with agencies of Vietnam in compliance with the tax law relating to cross-border trade; protection of national security as well as cultural values, moral goodness of Vietnam on the Internet.

At the meeting, Mr. Sundar Pichai appreciated Vietnam's development as well as the great potential of Vietnam in the development of information technology industry and that with Vietnam signed the Free Trade Agreement with European Union (EVFTA) and the Agreement on the trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Google will have a great opportunity to collaborate and further expand operations in Vietnam.

Looking ahead, Google will have a number of projects to support for Vietnam as the train around 1,400 engineers, information technology specialists of Vietnam; promote the image of Vietnam tourism; supporting small and medium enterprises in Vietnam to reach world markets through e-commerce and other projects related to education and training. According to the survey, the use of the search engine Google to serve the purpose for information and education of the people of Vietnam 3 times higher than the average level of the world.

"Google believes Vietnam is one of the most important markets and we are committed to do more in the future as well as the desire to contribute to the economic development of society and industry Vietnam's information technology, "Google chief Executive Officer said, also confirmed Google always obey all laws, including tax laws of any country in which Google works.

Google is the leading technology company in the United States. Prices in the market capitalization of the Group is estimated at 367 billion USD.


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