Vietnam who after 30 years in the UK

According to statistics from the last census of the British government in 2001, there are 22,954 people in the UK Vietnam.


Also in the study report, the community organizations the respondents estimated that there are about 55 thousand Vietnamese living in United Kingdom (of which about 20 thousand people are undocumented (illegal immigration) and 5 Vietnam thousand students are studying.

But so far, these numbers have risen quite high, an estimated 100 thousand people (including legal immigrants and illegal) and the number of students increased rapidly (about 8 thousand people ).

Most Vietnamese living in London (60%), focuses on three main districts: Hackney, Lewisham and Southwark. At first they make a living by sewing, after the job is done 'nail'. Number of restaurants Vietnam is increasing, largely in the area of ​​Hackney and Deptford. Offspring who entered the second Vietnamese society and life in the UK is quite successful in many areas.

In recent years, the vast majority of cannabis cases arrested by police related to the Vietnamese people without papers. So the influence is not good for the Vietnamese community and create a pretext for another look at the Vietnamese people in the UK with an unfriendly eye.

According to recent studies, the second generation of Vietnamese people in the UK have achieved quite a lot of success in life, over 80% have jobs and 10% as restaurant owners, businesses or business establishments, produce.

Unemployment figures of the second generation Vietnamese people almost negligible (Not including illegal immigrants).

However problems losing cultural identity and language of Vietnam's worries II generation and this is also a common concern of the Vietnam generation who live in the UK as well as countries in the world Vietnam people today live and Vietnam community living in the UK in particular and all over the world in general are constantly working to improve the problem.

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